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"Acoustic Breezes" ~ Rahel רחל

"A breath of fresh air."

"Makes my heart feel good!" 


"I respect your uniqueness."  

"I like the ’world’ sound."  

"Your music is amazing, very relaxing and magical." 

"I have not encountered anything like it before. Very inspiring." 

"I love your 'folky' traditional sound while still managing to give it that little bit of rock edge!" 


Rahel is a compassionate, insightful, sensitive, versatile award-winning performing guitarist, vocalist, recording artist, songwriter and healing artist.

Rahel's music is unique, intelligent and musically sophisticated with its sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds. There are hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras; a mosaic of songs that will carry you effortlessly around the world.


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