Rahel (Ann Rachel)
Rahel (Ann Rachel)


Pierrot, although it was not the original intention of the song, is a song about the character clown named, Pierrot. He is the sad white-faced clown who is in love with Columbine. But alas, his love is unrequited. Watch a video here


PIERROT c 1997 CD; Time Passes By, Track 6

Oh - on a lonely night.

The moon is in the sky and you're looking about

Can you touch the light as you reach up. 

Climbing on a moonbeam - you fly away

To worlds up above - Floating on a cloud on high. 

The winds whisk you away. 

Shedding just one tear - on your own

Wait - are you listening?

You can hear the sound of someone who cares

Showing you the way as the raven flies. 

Traveling down your path - following your senses, you see

The lines are never drawn - and time is endless. 

Calling you from afar

Shedding just one tear;

Coming home

Say - have you ever tried.

Searching for your heart - reaching within

Spreading out your wings as the eagle soars. 

Climbing higher heights

To the edge of the world. 

You call out your name - standing on the peak

A voice calls you back - shedding just one tear;

Coming home