Chanukah is Here YAY! by Rahel

Acoustic Breezes - Rahel
Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel


Third candle is the Chanukah muse tonight! Tradition says you must gaze upon the candles. As I gazed on this third night of Chanukah (Dec 2016) GD gave me another Chanukah gift - this new song! Thanks GD! It's a kids song but everyone will enjoy it. Have fun! Learn it, share it and be sure to credit the composer when you do! BY RAHEL! 



©2016 Ann R. Silverman-Limor aka Rahel All Rights Reserved


See the candles burning

Hasten to their glow

Watch the dreidels turning

Swaying to and fro


Chanukah is here,  Chanukah is here

Let’s join hands and shout for joy

Every girl and every boy

Shout it loud and sing it clear

Chanukah is here, YAY!

Chanukah is here

Chanukah is here, YAY!

Chanukah is here


Smell the latkes cooking

Frying in the pan

Sour cream and applesauce

Or add a bit of jam


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